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About us...

What began as a pastime, making my home into a 1970s palace, created an obsession with all things vintage. 

Perhaps the love comes from being a child of the 70s, or, perhaps, it is the stylish and unique designs which make the pieces instantly recognisable yet timeless. 

Sustainability is another passion. Buying vintage is not only affordable, it is green - a responsible and cost effective option to today's mass-produced flat pack throwaway culture.

There is nothing more pleasing than the individuality and beauty of a unique wood grain coupled with the skilled craftsmanship, shape and design of mid-century furniture. Pieces which have already passed the test of time and will continue to bring joy and pleasure with every use. 

If you are in Folkestone, pop-in say Hi and meet me and The Bearded Lady! AKA the little dog.


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